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Flashlight/Floodlight - Flashlight/Floodlight, LED, Dual Mode, Bright White. NSR 2482 [45032121167]
TIBH Industries
$36.96 (EA)

Chemical resistant housing and lens.  Replacement AAA alkaline or NiHM batteries included.  NSR 2482, 1 watt Flashlight, 30 LED Floodlight, run time 4 hrs flashlight, 6 hrs floodlight, bright orange housing.  Length: 10.25inch, weight: 11.0 oz.  Removeable hanger hook and magnet, rechargeable NiMH battery, home and car chargers included.  Charge time 6 hrs.

Freight is included.  Minimum order 6 each.  Delivery in 20 days.

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