Works Wonders

TIBH (Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped) provides a market for products produced by blind and handicapped Texans. We also offer the products and Services without competitive bidding to state agencies.

In 1978, the Texas State Use Program was implemented by TIBH to increase employment and wages, and ultimately enhance the lives of Texans with disabilities. This initiative resulted from the efforts of the Texas Legislature, who created the State Use Program under Chapter 122 of the Human Resources Code.

In the 25 years since its successful implementation, the State Use Program continues to set new marks for the number of Texans with disabilities employed, and in the past year $24 million in wages were paid to these individuals for work on state and local government contracts.

To help enhance familiarity and increase involvement among purchasers from state agencies, municipalities, school districts and other political subdivisions, the State Use Program has adopted a new moniker - Works Wonders.

Works Wonders - A State Initiative Creating Jobs for Texans with Disabilities

Works Wonders is a phrase demonstrating the mutually beneficial partnership involving Texans with disabilities and the state and local government entities that purchase the products, services and temporary services they offer through 150 statewide Community Rehabilitation Programs. In the logo accompanying the Works Wonders moniker, the letter W casting a shadow is used to reflect this symbiotic relationship. In addition, the dots associated with the Braille letter W have been incorporated into the design for recognition among all Works Wonders audiences.

It is our hope that more and more governmental entities take advantage of the many benefits associated with Works Wonders, and that the W logo will someday be instantly recognized in Texas and across the U.S. as the mark of a quality product or service offered by a Texas worker with disabilities.

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